Wirehaired Vizsla Club
of America

Celebrating 10 years of Protecting and Promoting the Wirehaired Vizsla 

The Official AKC  
Parent Club of the Wirehaired Vizsla

Wirehaired Vizslas made their debut at Westminster this month!
Congratulations to all the entries! We are so proud of you on this historic and very momentous occasion!!
Watch the breed judging here.

SAVE THE DATE: Sept. 11, 2015
WVCA Annual Meeting and national Supported Entry
at the Gateway Sporting Dog Association Specialty
held at Purina Farms, Gray Summit, MO, on the outskirts of St. Louis.
WVCA will be holding NADD dock diving trials!!
Judges' Education presentation on Sunday Sept. 13th.

The mission of the Wirehaired Vizsla Club of America is to promote and protect quality and versatility in the purebred Wirehaired Vizsla,
to educate members and others about the breed,
to encourage the highest standards of ownership and breeding, and to strive to bring the breed's natural qualities to perfection.
The Wirehaired Vizsla Club of America has been active with nationwide rescue, newsletters and website since 2003. We are a group of Wirehaired Vizsla owners dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the breed in the United States.
Members' interests are as versatile as the Wirehaired Vizsla itself -- our dogs participate in a variety of activities
hunting and field tests to conformation shows, obedience and agility trials or tracking. Some are falconry dogs, some compete in Dock Dogs and others are registered for therapy work. Most of the dogs do lots of different activities, not just one. Whatever activities they do, all of them are wonderful family companions.

Celebrating 12 Years!

The Wirehaired Vizsla Club of America is the oldest existing club for Wirehaired Vizslas in America, since 2003 and we officially represent our breed in the AKC
as the Wirehaired Vizsla Parent Club. Our dogs are in AKC's Miscellaneous Class in the FSS (Foundation Stock Service) as we work our way to eventually being fully recognized as a breed in the AKC Sporting Group. We encourage everyone with Wirehaired Vizslas to register them in the AKC FSS.
As a parent club, we are very active in AKC public education events like Meet the Breeds around the country, including the one at the Eukanuba National Championship Show. We have a Judges' Education committee to present judges' seminars and develop materials to help judges learn about our breed and the standard. We are learning how to hold AKC sanctioned events, such as conformation shows and hunt tests, and have put on a sanctioned AKC Open Show and two water tests. As we grow and learn we'll add more hunt tests and companion events.  
If you aren't a member, but have a Wirehaired Vizsla, or are considering getting one, please join us
We want to hear from you! 

Check our some of our Member photo's HERE

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